What’s The Pilot Partisan Agenda?

Welcome to our blog. Follow us as we give our members an inside look at the Air Line Pilots Association’s (ALPA) efforts and progress on Capitol Hill – what issues we’re pushing, who we’re talking to, and which legislators are supporting the airline pilot partisan agenda. We hope you’ll check back often for updates.

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7 Responses to What’s The Pilot Partisan Agenda?

  1. Rhett horton says:

    What is ALPA doing to change the railway labor act to allow airlines to strike at the end of there contracts? This topic is never mentioned and is the biggest problem that pilots face. Management will always waste as much time as they can to get a contract. The national mediation board will do nothing for years and ALPA seems to be uninterested in changing the Railway Labor Act.

  2. Frank Early says:

    I like the idea of an ALPA blog, but for this to catch on, it’s going to need to be written with more verve than a typical written publication. Occasional displays of attitude, and maybe even snark, would be a breath of fresh air. This is about pilot partisanship, right? So be partisain. Have an attitude. The attorneys will have kittens, but I have no doubt they prescreen all this anyway. Make ‘me work for the coin!

    Second, a method to contact the blog’s authors, even if they are to remain anonymous, should be a must. It’s WordPress, so I know it’s an available option.

    Third, being notified by email of updates is very Windows 95. I suspect that most of us who read mutiple blogs do so by way of RSS Readers and the like. As such, this blog needs an RSS feed, and an obvious way to link to the same.

    Finally, and you may already be doing so, but I’d hope you’ll since your Twitter feed with the blog, and feature Twitter links to each new blog post.

    In any case, good luck. I can read a blog post faster than I can watch a FlightDeck, so I look forward to seeing where you take this.

    • Thanks for the great suggestions! Check out our new RSS links on the sidebar and contact page in the top menu. There are also new options for you to share each post using twitter or your favorite social site. We’re glad to hear you are interested in following the blog – and we appreciate your comments to help improve the site!

  3. bob coffey says:

    pushing bio-fuels, great. but why don’t you push what we really need, drilling for our own resources right here in the US. this communist administration is killing this country by not pushing all available resources right here in our country. you want to talk about controlling the price of oil? dig here, drill here, now, and we will control the price of our own oil and say goodby to the middle east and south american dictators!!!
    partisan agaenda, cute, but, here’s the deal gents, we have an administration bound and determined to make our country a third world entity, and just about every dem (actually no dems left at all, there all socialists, enviro wako’s, commie’s, uber libs) is voting along commie obami party lines to make that happen. keep that in mind when you go to the polls and think your voting for some dem you THINK is going to help the pilot cause, when in reality, your voting for the demise of this country!!

  4. Rhett Horton says:

    Three comments since March 9th. It’s now October 3rd. This blog is not working. Perhaps ALPA should send another e-mail to advertise this blog.

  5. Thanks for your feedback! We have continued to publicize the blog in ALPA fast reads and other communications. While our readership continues to grow – please give us a hand by sharing our posts with your friends and social networks!

    • Rhett Horton says:

      Perhaps this will generate some interest in this blog. I believe that ALPA’s decision to back the joining of flight attendant’s to the KCM is a HUGE mistake. The process to become a flight attendant can take as little at six weeks to complete as such they have little to loose by violating the rules. The pay is low and will be a great incentive to become involved in illegal activity. Once the first person get caught they will remove this privilege for everyone. What business does our union have backing the flight attendant’s of US airlines? Why not stay silent on the situation or let the flight attendants union flight for the program as ALPA did.

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