Leveling the Playing Field

The United States’ airline industry and its employees operate in a hyper-competitive international marketplace that is not a level playing field. Competition from foreign airlines (see press release from Emirates below), which are often state-owned or heavily state-sponsored, and operate from countries with low or nonexistent tax and regulatory burdens, is growing rapidly and impeding international growth for U.S. airlines. In addition, foreign airlines are expanding into  markets previously dominated by U.S. airlines threatening domestic carriers in our own backyard. U.S. airlines, as a result, find themselves in survival mode, adapting to the global marketplace that is an unlevel playing field for U.S. airlines.

Immediate and aggressive action must be taken to change course and establish a roadmap for future industry and employee success. U.S. airlines and their employees can compete and win in the international marketplace, but to do so, they need to compete on a level playing field. Watch this blog for more from ALPA Government Affairs on our effort to level the playing field for U.S. airlines and their employees.

Emirates Adds Sixth U.S. Gateway with New Service to Seattle  

SEATTLE, March 1, 2012 /PRNewswire/ — Emirates Airline launched the first direct flight between the Middle East and the Pacific Northwest today, as its inaugural service from Dubai departed for Seattle-Tacoma International Airport…(full story)

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