TTD Executive Committee: Implement Common Sense Rules to Combat Fatigue for Flight Crews

Today, ALPA President Captain Lee Moak and ALPA Director of Government Affairs Michael Robbins participated in the TTD Executive Committee meeting where a resolution was adopted in support including cargo pilots in the new FAR 117 pilot fatigue rule to achieve One Level of Safety for all pilots. This resolution puts the entire TTD and the 32 unions it represents on record in support of ALPA’s work to improve FAR 117 by including cargo carriers and pilots in the new rule.

Read the TTD’s policy statement HERE

The TTD represents the interests of several million aviation, rail, transit, trucking, highway and longshore workers before Congress, the Executive Branch and independent government agencies. The Executive Committee meeting today was also attended by Department of Transportation Deputy Secretary Porcari and Acting FAA Administrator Huerta who engaged in a conversation with Captain Moak before the TTD on the need to level the playing field for airlines and their workers.

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