ALPA urges support for Human Intervention Motivation Study (HIMS)

ALPA President Captain Lee Moak wrote to House and Senate Appropriators today, urging them to support the Human Intervention Motivation Study (HIMS), a critical health program for professional airline pilots.  HIMS is a federally-funded prototype alcohol and drug assistance program that coordinates the identification, assessment and medical re-certification of flight officers.  It is a highly successful collaboration between the FAA, air carriers and pilot representatives.

The HIMS program provides educational materials and conducts seminars and outreach to the pilot community.  HIMS coordinates the identification, treatment and medical re-certification and return to the cockpit of flight officers with substance problems.  HIMS is an industry-wide effort in which companies, pilot unions and the FAA work together to further air safety and preserver careers.  By any measure, the HIMS program has been a resounding success.  The long-term success rate is 85 to 90 percent, and it is an important safety tool for our aviation system.

Captain Moak Letter to House Appropriators

Captain Moak Letter to Senate Appropriators

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