Incident in Chicago highlights need for one level of safety for passenger and cargo pilots. ALPA members: Write Congress today!

News of a recent runway accident between a cargo and passenger airline provides a sobering reminder that we all share the same runways and air space, and why one level of safety across cargo and passenger operations is so important.  All ALPA pilots are encouraged to take a minute today and write their representative in support of the Safe Skies Act, which extends current pilot fatigue and rest rules to all-cargo operations.  All pilots are human when it comes to fatigue, and we will all benefit from regulations that equally protect all pilots from fatigue, regardless of what they fly in their aircraft.

Write your congressman today in support of the Safe Skies Act of 2012 here!

747 cargo plane clips commuter jet while taxiing in Chicago

(CNN) — Passengers on an American Eagle flight arriving at Chicago’s O’Hare airport got an unexpected jolt Wednesday when the right wing of a Boeing 747 cargo plane taxiing for departure clipped the tail of the commuter plane.

None of the 18 passengers and three crew members was injured, an American Eagle spokeswoman said.

American Eagle Flight 4265, an Embraer-140, had just arrived from Springfield, Missouri, and was taxiing to the gate when the incident occurred around 1 p.m. The 747 cargo plane involved in the collision, operated by EVA Airways, was heading to Anchorage, Alaska.

Full story:

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