Airbus and China make a push for alternative fuels

Alternative fuels are critical for both energy independence and national security, and the U.S. should invest in these fuels through policies like the Domestic Fuel for Enhancing National Security Act (S. 1079), which would help the Defense Department procure domestically produced advanced biofuels.    As evidenced by the article below, airlines also have a keen strategic interest in securing less volatile advanced biofuels to operate their fleets.  By failing to act and invest in these fuels, we open the door for other countries like China to pull ahead.  This threatens our energy independence and also continues to place U.S. airlines at a competitive disadvantage.

Airbus and China make a push for alternative fuels

Airbus and one of the world’s leading academic institutions, Tsinghua University have formed a partnership to complete a sustainability analysis of Chinese feedstocks, and to evaluate how best to support the development of a value chain to speed up the commercialisation of aviation bio-fuels. The value chain aims to produce and to promote the use of aviation bio-fuel in China, the world’s fastest growing aviation market.

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