Opinion: Don’t Let the EU Tax US Air Travel

Pete Sepp with the National Taxpayers Union writes in a piece published today on the harmful impact of the EU-ETS on the travelling public.

“…Many Americans remain unaware of these new carbon schemes since they’ve mostly stayed on the other side of the pond, but those days are over. The EU’s newest target for taxation is air travel, and officials in Brussels would love nothing more than to collect money from passengers on any flight landing in an EU member country. Indeed, the ETS would tax passengers for the entirety of their flight, no matter where it originates.

While the legality of this policy is questionable, there’s little doubt the effect on American travelers would be harmful…”

Continue reading:  http://www.realclearpolicy.com/articles/2012/09/05/dont_let_the_eu_tax_us_air_travel_277.html

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3 Responses to Opinion: Don’t Let the EU Tax US Air Travel

  1. guyfromkcmo says:

    While I am opposed to the ETS, I care little for the opinion of a group that supports such moronic ideas as a flat tax. I hope there are also more reputable sources of research than them.

  2. The EU-ETS is opposed by many in the aviation industry and international community. Additionally, Secretary Clinton and Secretary LaHood have spoken out in opposition to the EU’s scheme (see http://www.businessweek.com/news/2012-06-06/lahood-will-join-airlines-to-protest-eu-carbon-emissions-limits). Check out some of our additional coverage on this issue here: http://pilotpartisan.com/tag/eu-ets/

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