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Action coming soon on EU emissions scheme

When Congress returns for their lame duck session after the elections, we are working to ensure a quick House vote on S 1956- The European Union Emissions Trading Scheme Prohibition Act (EU ETS), which provides the DOT the authority to … Continue reading

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Does your state allow early voting? Check our voter guide here!

The Presidential debates are over and the election is just two weeks away.  But in many states, you can already vote by voting early or absentee for your candidate.  Check out ALPA’s voter guide to see the rules in your … Continue reading

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Advanced biofuels promote national security and job security

Today, ALPA, A4A, biofuels producers and organizations, farmers and national security organizations sent a letter to leadership of both parties in both chambers of Congress expressing our support for the procurement of advanced biofuels by the U.S. Military. Military leaders have … Continue reading

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Airline safety shouldn’t wait for tragedy

We shouldn’t have to wait for a tragic accident to adopt new policies that we know will improve the safety of commercial aviation for all users.  At ALPA, aviation safety has always been at the core of our mission – and ALPA’s … Continue reading

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What do jet engines, computers and GPS have in common?

What do jet engines, computers and GPS have in common?  All of these commonly used technologies were commercialized through investments by the Department of Defense (DOD).  The Information Technology and Innovation Foundation released an excellent report regarding DOD investments in … Continue reading

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Can Our Foreign Competition Buy U.S. Elections?

It’s hard to turn on a television these days without being hit with a barrage of political advertising.  While such ads may be expected this time of year, today’s political advertisements are markedly different because they are operating in a … Continue reading

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President Moak: What we need is a pro-aviation government policy

Yesterday, ALPA President Lee Moak opened the 44th Board of Directors meeting with remarks touching on the state of the airline industry and how to improve the future for ALPA pilots.  In his opening statement, he reiterated the deleterious effect … Continue reading

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ALPA Pilots Take Action Around Country

This past August, ALPA launched its newest grassroots program – “August Advocates.”  Since the program’s launch, ALPA volunteers have set up and attended meetings around the country with their representatives  to discuss top pilot partisan legislative priorities. “Meeting with my representative … Continue reading

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Oil Speculation Update: Court Ruling Muddies the Water for CFTC

Recently, the United States District Court for District of Columbia vacated the positions limit rule issued by the Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC).  CFTC was charged with developing such a rule when the Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act became … Continue reading

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