ALPA Pilots Take Action Around Country

This past August, ALPA launched its newest grassroots program – “August Advocates.”  Since the program’s launch, ALPA volunteers have set up and attended meetings around the country with their representatives  to discuss top pilot partisan legislative priorities.

“Meeting with my representative in their home district offered a convenient way for me to be involved in politics without travelling far from home,” said Leah Morgenthau, XJT pilot and legislative coordinator, of her visit to Rep. Yarmuth’s Kentucky office.  “Setting up the meeting was easy, and I felt like both the Member and his staff were concerned about all the issues we touched on.  I was proud to be able to voice the concerns of other ALPA pilots directly to my representative.”

Check out some other great photos of ALPA pilots in action!  Pilots interested in doing advocacy work with federal representatives in their state should contact Carly Hepola at

FDX pilot Bill Secord meets with Rep. Trey Gowdy (R-SC) at his office in Greenville.

DAL pilots meet with Rep. David Scott (D-GA) in his Jonesboro office.

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