House Passes Defense Measure with ALPA Supported Biofuel Language

Last night, the House passed the Fiscal Year 2013 National Defense Authorization Act for (H.R. 4310).  The legislation includes ALPA supported language to allow the Department of Defense (DOD) to procure and produce advance biofuels.  ALPA joined with coalition partners from the aviation, defense, agriculture and biofuel industries to successfully fight attempts that would have removed this provision.

Fuel continues to be the most volatile cost to the DOD and the aviation industry.  If our industry is to compete globally, we must get this cost under control.  DOD is the largest purchaser of fuel in the world.  Military leaders have identified their reliance on oil as a national security threat.  In addition to reducing the volatility of fuel costs in our industry, biofuels have proven to burn more efficiently.  Data is also being compiled by DOD which should demonstrate that utilizing biofuels decreases wear and tear on internal engine parts thereby decreasing maintenance costs over the long term.

The purchasing power of DOD has aided our industry, and many others, in the past.  This is not a new concept. ALPA will continue to support any realistic and broadly supported measure which increases the competitiveness and economic well-being of our industry and our members.  In the interim, we congratulate the group of bipartisan supporters of our position for their support as well as the House of Representatives for passing H.R 4310.

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