Abu Dhabi Crown Prince Meets with White House – ALPA Members Continue Fight Against Pre-Clearance Facility

Coinciding with today’s visit between the Abu Dhabi Crown Prince and President Obama, Capt. Lee Moak sent a message to ALPA members urging them to continue the fight against the creation of a pre-clearance facility in Abu Dhabi.  Capt Moak stated:

“To all of us, the concept of building a facility and staffing it with U.S. workers in a foreign country where no U.S. airline flies is baffling. However, the visit by the crown prince indicates that this concept is one step closer to becoming reality.

Your union is not giving up on this fight. We should not hand one of the fastest-growing international airlines in the world, Etihad Airways, the ability to offer its passengers the convenience of clearing U.S. Customs and Immigration while still in the UAE… And, if the administration is ultimately successful in opening this facility in Abu Dhabi, we can anticipate them doing the same in Dubai, Qatar, Jordan, and other major Middle Eastern allied nations as well.”

All ALPA Members can make their voices heard by writing Congress, the White House, and signing and sharing the petition in opposition to this plan.

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