Flight Ops Disruptions – FAA Capacity Reduction Plan in Effect

Flight Ops Disruptions - FAA Capacity Reduction Plan in Effect

This is a picture shared with ALPA of a LaGuardia Airport FAA Air Traffic Controllers’ flight progress slip detailing the Ground Delay Program due to sequestration induced furloughs. This is causing some arriving flights to be delayed an average of 1 hour and 14 minutes at LGA and 1 hour and 10 minutes at JFK. ALPA continues to call on Congress and the White House to to work together to provide the FAA with the funding flexibility it needs to ensure that essential aviation services are maintained during sequestration and that front-line safety personnel are not affected by these budget cuts.

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2 Responses to Flight Ops Disruptions – FAA Capacity Reduction Plan in Effect

  1. Greg Whorle says:

    This makes me very, very pissed at Obama. NOT at any tax savings. Get it right, ALPA. I pay you much more than my home town charges me in taxes already.

    • Grant says:

      Don’t blame Obama or Republicans in Congress. The failure of the bipartisan “supercommittee” 15 months ago created the current mess.

      Patty Murray, Jon Kyl, Max Baucus, Rob Portman, John Kerry, Pat Toomey, along with six members of the House of Representatives, are the people to blame for the sequestration cuts. And yet as energetic rounds of finger-pointing continues, their names are hardly ever mentioned.

      The supercommittee was supposed to forge the deal that Obama and House Speaker John Boehner could not in their July 2011 debt-ceiling talks. It was this hypothetical future deficit reduction that got Republicans, grudgingly, to agree to raise the debt limit.

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