Senators speak out on Abu Dhabi pre-clearance facility

Eleven Senators sent a letter to Secretary Napolitano yesterday questioning the administration’s authority to proceed with the creation of a CBP pre-clearance facility in Abu Dhabi. ALPA has been actively urging members of Congress to weigh in with the Administration over the Abu Dhabi facility, which ALPA strongly opposes. 

Sen. Klobuchar (D-MN) and Sen. Coats (R-IN) led the Senate letter and ALPA pilots thank them for their leadership.   The letter states:

“We ask for an explanation on whether this decision was made as a result of a risk based analysis, and we ask that you clarify why a location that is not served by any carriers based in the United States, and with such a low level of international travelers bound for the United States, was selected.  We also ask that you clarify for us the authority by which the Department believes it is able to enter into this agreement with the UAE.  Finally, we ask that you clarify the rationale for allowing a foreign government or entity to pay for core security functions.”

We thank all Senators for voicing their concerns to the Administration about this misguided proposal.  Read the full letter here.  Nearly 150 Members of the House of Representatives have also written to Secretary Napolitano in opposition to this plan.

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