ALPA Pilots On Capitol Hill!

ALPA held its first-ever Legislative Summit this week, sending nearly 100 pilots representing 15 ALPA pilot groups to Capitol Hill.  ALPA members met with more than 110 members of Congress yesterday on critical pilot partisan issues facing our industry.  Pilots urged lawmakers to support the Federal Flight Deck Officer program, update pilot fatigue rules to achieve one level of safety for cargo and passenger pilots, and advance U.S. laws and regulations that allow U.S. airlines to compete on a level playing field with heavily state-backed foreign airlines.

During the summit, held June 5–6, ALPA issued the newest version of its Leveling the Playing Field for U.S. Airlines and Their Employees policy framework, which was designed by its members to advance the safety, security, and economic competitiveness of the U.S. airline industry and create stable careers for U.S. airline pilots.

Thanks to all of our attendees for their hard work and advocacy!   Click here to view a slideshow of ALPA pilots on Capitol Hill.

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