House approves anti-biofuel amendments

On Wednesday, July 23rd, the House of Representatives approved two amendments to the Defense Appropriations bill that could negatively impact the ability of the Department of Defense (DOD) to procure advanced biofuels.  As Mike Breen, Executive Director of Operation Free notes, these amendments have serious national security implications.  “Those who support this amendment, or any amendment that directly impedes our military’s energy security initiatives, are placing politics and special interests ahead of our national security,” he added.

ALPA supports the ability of the DOD to procure and refine advanced biofuels.  The commercialization of advanced biofuels is a promising technology for the aviation industry as we strive to increase efficiency and decrease fuel costs.  ALPA and our coalition partners have continued to move the ball down the field.  We anticipate further attempts by the opposition to thwart the ability of DOD to procure and refine advanced biofuels.  Like other ALPA legislative victories that sought to prevent a CBP pre-clearance facility in Abu Dhabi and increasing transparency at the Export Import Bank, our activism to protect the ability of DOD to procure and refine advanced biofuels is based on our need to level the playing field for all U.S. pilots.

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