FAA Furloughs May Return

Once again, Congressional inaction surrounding the federal budget is putting pilot and aviation jobs at risk.  As we warned this spring, furloughs of front-line safety personnel will have an extremely negative impact on the aviation industry, our airlines, our members, and passengers. While pilots and controllers will continue to ensure a safe environment, the resulting delays and cancellations will translate into a significant financial toll on our airlines and their workers.  Stay tuned for updates at http://www.dontgroundamerica.com/

From Bloomberg:

Risk of Flight Delays Returns as FAA Weighs Furloughs
By Alan Levin  Sep 18, 2013 12:00 AM ET

Flight delays caused by air-traffic controller furloughs are at risk of recurring as the Federal Aviation Administration considers sending workers home without pay during the next fiscal year amid a funding shortfall.

FAA officials have told aviation industry officials and lawmakers that a new round of furloughs will be needed to close a budget gap of as much as $700 million in the fiscal year starting Oct. 1, four people briefed by agency leaders said. They asked not to be named because the meetings were private.

The furloughs raise the prospect of a repeat of the flight delays caused in April by traffic-control staffing shortages at U.S. airports. Airline-industry groups have urged the FAA to avoid disruptions to commercial flights as groups such as airports and private pilots lobby to protect their interests.

Read the full article:  http://www.bloomberg.com/news/2013-09-17/air-controller-furloughs-halted-by-congress-may-return.html

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