EU Emissions Trading Scheme (EU-ETS) Takes Center Stage at ICAO

ICAO negotiators from around the world began the 38th ICAO Assembly in Montreal on Tuesday September  24th.  Negotiations on a global scale about the EU-ETS and a global approach to emissions reductions are taking center stage.  Addressing the issue of aviation emissions has been a decades-long process and it appears that negotiators may be close to reaching agreement on the first phase of a multi-year process to reduce aviation emissions.  ALPA continues to monitor these negotiations and provide input when appropriate.

ALPA and industry representatives have played a leading role in pushing back against the unilateral imposition of the EU-ETS on the entire flight segment to or from the EU.  If this job-killing tax were to proceed as originally intended, our industry would  face an unworkable patchwork of emissions reductions systems.  As part of its effort to stop the EU ETS, ALPA and U.S. airlines reached out to Senators Thune (R-SD) and McCaskill (D-MO) for assistance.  The Senators introduced the bipartisan EU-ETS Prohibition Act on our behalf, which President Obama signed into law in December of 2012. Our successful effort to pass this legislation are a large part of the reason ICAO is addressing aviation emissions in a more favorable manner.  This issue will remain a top priority for ALPA as ICAO attempts to reach a compromise.


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