Emirates Milan-NY Route Opens Today: Join the Fight to Level The Playing Field

Captain Dino Atsalis describes how the new Emirates route starting October 1st, will harm the U.S. economy. For updates on this issue follow us on Twitter #SaveOurSkies.


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7 Responses to Emirates Milan-NY Route Opens Today: Join the Fight to Level The Playing Field

  1. Ray says:

    I am a regional airline pilot that has been aggressively looking to improve my life by applying for many US carriers, low cost and cooperate including. At the same time, management had aggressively been seeking concessions from us across the board. My sense sense if urgency had increased significantly.

    Foreign carriers like ANA, Emirates and flydubai have responded to my inquiries. I now have a job offer that will allow me to meet my financial obligations and progress my career.

    As much a I would love a job here in my own country, the only readily available options are overseas.

  2. Mike Spain says:

    I just want a fair, level playing field to compete with these guys. If their government is pumping money into routes that otherwise would not be profitable, what chance do the U.S. carriers have when they have to pay the bills without subsidies?

  3. Dave says:

    Well Dino, If the US airlines actually want a fair shot at competing then maybe they should increase the level of service that they provide to their domestic/international costumers. Fire the bitter old hags in the back that make the airline look bad and possibly think about purchasing larger aircraft that actually fly those routes instead of a bunch of rinky dink 737’s. Oh and if a domestic route isn’t profitable then you get rid of it, not subsidize it. Then you will see a profit just as most of these foreign carriers do.

    • JJay7 says:

      There are not enough ones and zeros on the internet to list the things you do not know about the airline industry. Lets start with firing women who are no longer young and pretty. That is what the middle east airlines do. Try to do that here, or better still try to live in a country where that is a good idea. The cabin crews on those airlines never make a decent wage. The ramp people are basically slaves. The facilities are subsidised. The countries are run as vertical monopolies to support the airlines. Oil wells to refineries to airplanes. No income taxes, lower fuel costs, subsidised loans to buy equipment. In the US the airlines are taxed at a higher rate than alcohol and cigarettes. The tax money cannot go toward a better passenger experience, but the loss of a trillion dollar industry will mean a large revenue loss to our country. Don’t bother replying, you are beyond educating. This was for people who read your garbage.

      • Dave says:

        I wasn’t going to bother responding but there is a lot of people like yourself who should be enlightened.

        As far as the bitter old hags are concerned, I’m saying they should be models but most of these crew are old and lazy from decades of service. Most don’t care about the passengers. Regardless of looks it’s the attitude they carry that is the problem. Customer service brings return business. It’s not just the middle east who has standards for their crew, Asian airlines do very well with the same philosophy. The crew are actually on descent money so I don’t know where you get the idea that they aren’t paid well.

        It’s understandable that you would think that the fuel cost are not very high because most Americans just assume that every middle east country is sitting on massive amounts of oil. However this is not the case. In Reference to the video about Emirates airline specifically, there isn’t much oil production in the UAE. Dubai does not produce its own oil or refine any. They more or less pay the market value for their operations. Saudi, Qatar, and Kuwait are the ones with the very cheap fuel.

        You are correct about the ramp guys working for slave wages. Much like the first guy to post about the video. A regional pilot basically working for free under the worst conditions of any airline pilot in the world. If you are upset about anything it should be that. The pay rates at regionals in the states are criminal! And that is in the first world country that you live in.

        I would also be more concerned about the US government that has created a system which forces its airlines to compete with one hand tied behind their back. It has been a race to the bottom since deregulation and look how much better things are now. We are back to less than a hand full of major airlines who have wasted decades of jockeying and untold amounts of money competing with ankle biting low cost startups. And this is the same government that you expect to save you from some airline flying into the States? That government is too worried about taking your money, the airlines money and pay for their unnecessary social programs, bailing out banks who don’t know how to run their own business and subsidizing the railroad system among many other things. And there you have some dip sh** Deltoid pilot worried about his Milan flight! All this is, is something for ALPA to beat on their chest about. If they were a union worth anything they would be fighting for the regional guys betting beat up every time they strap themselves into their crj. They would be out in schools striking up interest in aviation with young people to try to fill the massive void of pilots that airline managements have single handedly created by their race to the bottom with pay and quality of live.

        But then again what do I know. I definitely can’t be educated by the likes of yourself who is obviously clueless about the industry I presume you work in.

  4. Reblogged this on Rickman Rights Blog and commented:
    US Airlines don’t get the tax free benefits of foreign govt owned airlines of the Middle East. Until we have a coordinated National airline strategy, US airlines will suffer. AMR and US Air will take the first hit until the DOJ realizes they are not competing with UAL and Delta, but foreign airlines…

  5. BB says:

    It is all about the money and when the foreign governments subsidize their airlines, we lose. I have seen a major downhill slope in my 30 years of flying and would not suggest this job to anyone just starting out anymore. The foreign airlines will take over the US business – it is just a matter of time.

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