Senate Leaders Take The #DenyNAI Message to DOT Secretary

On March 12, a bipartisan group of Senate leaders sent a letter to U.S. Department of Transportation (DOT) Secretary Anthony Foxx, urging the secretary to carefully consider the ramifications and legality of granting Norwegian Air International’s (NAI) request for a foreign air carrier permit. ALPA applauds Senator Brian Schatz (D-Hawaii), Senator Roy Blunt (R-Mo.), and Senator Jay Rockefeller (D-W.Va.) for their leadership in spearheading this letter and for taking a stand against NAI’s “flag of convenience” business practice that would not only undermine U.S. labor standards, but would also threaten tens of thousands of U.S. airline jobs.

If NAI succeeds with its “flag of convenience” business model—choosing where they do business based on advantageous legal or regulatory environments—the company will wield an enormous unfair economic advantage over U.S. airlines, making it more difficult for U.S. airlines and their employees to compete in the international marketplace. This would severely threaten our industry and our jobs, and negatively affect the U.S. airline industry’s contributions to our economy.

Thirty-eight U.S. senators from both sides of the aisle have joined business and aviation leaders, the aviation community, and the 25,000-plus #denyNAI citizen cosponsors in our fight to protect our industry, jobs, and economy. Our numbers are growing by the day and, with the facts on our side, we are once again urging the Obama administration to swiftly reject NAI’s evasive scheme.


Letter to Secretary Foxx


Tell the U.S. Department of Transportation to Protect American Jobs and #denyNAI

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