Demand Transparency ImageA two-year-old government regulation, overturning a 25-year practice, now enables the federal government to hide the outsized, ever-increasing tax amount that airline customers pay to the federal government. This is not pro-consumer. This is pro-government.

Airlines are the only form of transportation required to advertise fares that look deceptively higher than they really are due to the federal taxes are buried within. This makes air travel appear less competitively priced than other forms of transportation—including buses, rail, and even rental cars—that are able to advertise fares without taxes embedded. This also enables the government’s increased taxes to effectively go unnoticed by those who pay them.

Don’t let the government play hide and see with our passengers’ tax dollars. Join the Air Line Pilots Association, Int’l and Airlines for America as we #DemandTransparency!

Tell Congress and the administration that you Support Airfare Transparency.

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1 Response to #DemandTransparency

  1. NovusOrdo says:

    There is absolutely nothing in the current regulations that prevents airlines from itemizing the taxes and fees. The main effect of “airfare transparency” is to once again allow airlines to advertise using base fares, without consumers knowing what they’ll actually end up paying.

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