Save Our Skies: There Is Too Much on the Line Not to Take Action!

Norwegian Scheme Infographic Handout


This week, the Air Line Pilots Association, International launched the “Save Our Skies” (S.O.S.) campaign to raise awareness of the real, harmful threats that the U.S. airline industry and its workers face today. Our campaign is taking an aggressive multiplatform media and grassroots approach that will exploit Norwegian Air International’s (NAI) blatant attempt to skirt labor laws. The goal of S.O.S. is to mobilize the American public to voice their collective support and join our efforts to stand up against actions that threaten U.S. aviation jobs.

The S.O.S. campaign focuses on key challenges that negatively impact the U.S. airline industry and its employees, including NAI, excessive airline taxes, state-supported airlines, and Ex-Im Bank subsidies to foreign carriers.

Creating public awareness around these issues, specifically NAI’s application for a foreign air carrier permit, is crucial to ensuring that the U.S. government levels the playing field for U.S. airlines to compete in the international marketplace. If the U.S. Department of Transportation approves NAI’s application for a foreign air carrier permit, it would set a dangerous precedent for the airline industry by implementing the same flag-of-convenience model that destroyed the U.S. maritime industry. ALPA won’t let that happen to the U.S. airline industry. As the leading voice of the piloting profession and with the backing from our allies in both the business and labor sectors, we are positioned to win. But we can’t stop here!

More than 30,000 people have signed the #denyNAI petition, and more than 100 members of Congress have voiced their support for our position, urging Transportation Secretary Anthony Foxx to stop this dangerous scheme and stand up for American workers. If you have not done so already, it’s time to show your support and join the fight to Save Our Skies by telling the Obama administration to #denyNAI.

There is too much on the line not to take action!

Join the Fight: Sign the Petition Today!


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2 Responses to Save Our Skies: There Is Too Much on the Line Not to Take Action!

  1. Magnus says:

    Ever heard of a free market place? The way Norwegian operates their business is a part of their business model to reduce cost to offer record low ticket prices to the consumer, Norwegian does not skimp on security and is one of the worlds most safe, professional and accomplished airlines. Recently in 2014 the airline was rewarded the best low cost airline in the world. This DENYNAI campaign is all corporate bullshit made up because Norwegian Air has found a successful way to make air travel cheaper. They have never broken any labor laws and compensate their employees fairly. Stop complaining about someone just because they do a better job than you. This is equivalent to poor sportsmanship, if a football player does a better job than you on the field you would not tackle him to put him out of the game, you would study him, see what he is good at and then strive to become what he is. ALPA are attacking Norwegian because their are scared to death because a non-American airline are doing a better job than the American airlines. COWARDS!

  2. C M Loghides says:

    I’m curious-could you please publish ALPA’s position during the air traffic controllers’ strike in 1981. Or what they said when Braniff, Eastern, and numerous other airlines went “bankrupt,” tore up their union agreements, denied retirement benefits to former employees, and then re-opened for business under new rules? ALPA could have stayed neutral in these issues and saved a lot of union jobs, but they didn’t. They campaigned aggressively against unions back then. Now, their butts are deservedly in the hot seat and now they worry about union jobs and “the aviation industry.” Sorry fellas, you are a bit too late-and it seems to me that Norwegian has a big advantage over you—they provide safe, convenient air travel at lower cost. Isn’t that capitalism at its best? You want us, as your passengers, to campaign against our interests when you would not lift a finger to campaign for ours earlier? Sorry, no way-I hope Norwegian gets what they applied for.

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